Contents-Love in a Time of Climate Change

Table of Contents

           Acknowledgments                                                                                xvii

Introduction: Love in a Time of   Climate Change           1

        Churches Respond to Climate Change                                                    4

         The Movement for Climate Justice                                                         6

        The Relevance of John Wesley for Today                                               8

         Book Overview and Organization                                                          9

Part I. Discerning the Truth about Climate Change

  1. Climate Change: A Sign of the Times                          15

          Imagine More Malaria                                                                         16

          The Scientific Consensus                                                                       17

          Climate Forecasts                                                                                  20

          Calls for Climate Justice                                                                      22

          Environmental Justice and Climate Justice                                    25

         The Last Beneficiary                                                                              27

          Intergenerational Justice                                                                    29

         Interpreting the Signs of Our Times                                                   31

  1. Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience: Tools

         for Discernment                                                                   33

         Scripture: Revealing God’s Love                                                          34

         Tradition: Learning from the Past                                                      35

         Reason: Seeking Truth                                                                           37

         Experience: Knowing God                                                                     38

         Discerning a Way Forward                                                                  40

Part II. Honoring Creation

  1. Scripture: Hearing Creation’s Groans                      43

        The Whole Tenor and Scope of Scripture                                            45

        Tradition: The General Deliverance                                                     48

        Reason: Biblical Criticism                                                                       50

        Experience: Sighs Too Deep for Words                                                52

        Our Challenge Today                                                                                53

        Taking Scripture Seriously: Hope for the World                               54

  1. Tradition: The Wisdom of God in Creation               57

          Creation in Christian Tradition                                                            59

          Grace: God’s Love at Work in the World                                            62

          Prevenient Grace                                                                                      64

          Sin and Justifying Grace                                                                        65

          Sanctifying Grace: Perfection in Love                                                 66

         Contemporary Manifestations of Christian Tradition                      67

         Informed by Tradition: Nurturing Creation                                       70

  1. Reason: The New Creation Story                              73

        John Wesley on Science and Creation                                                 76

        The New Creation Story                                                                         78

        Competing Worldviews                                                                          80

        The Great Irony                                                                                        83

        The Story of the Universe Is Our Story                                               86

        Utilizing Reason: Awakening to Who We Are                                   87

  1. Experience: Creation as Sacrament                        91

        The Rational Brain and the Emotional Brain                                     93

        The Experience of God in Creation                                                        94

        The Experience of an “Industrially Despoiled Planet”                      97

        Engaged by Experience: Practicing the Presence of God               100

Part III. Establishing Justice

  1. Scripture: Transforming the Jericho Road               105

          Who Is My Neighbor?                                                                         108

          Compassion                                                                                           110

          Ambushed by Climate Change                                                          112

          Challenged by Scripture: Compassion in Action                          115

          Who Will Rescue Us?                                                                          116

  1. Tradition: Social Holiness on a Warming Planet 119

         Justice and Injustice in Christian Tradition                                      121

        Justice in the Life and Teachings of John Wesley                             122

        Social Holiness Today                                                                             126

       Liberation Theologies                                                                               129

       Guided by Tradition: Actions That Transcend the Status Quo       136

  1. Reason: Climate Justice and Common Sense      139

         Two Kinds of Climate Change Denial                                                141

        Justice for People, Justice for the Earth                                            142

        Corporate Influence on Climate Policy                                              144

        The Bankruptcy of Free-Market Capitalism                                     145

        Market Fundamentalism                                                                       149

        Do the Math: The Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels               151

        Out of Denial, into Action                                                                       152

       Making Connections through Reason: Thinking outside the Box  156

  1. Experience: On the Front Lines of Climate Change 159

         Working for Climate Justice                                                               161

        Women and Their Dependent Children                                            166

         Etreme Extraction and Sacrifice Zones                                           168

        The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Rights of the Earth    170

        Intergenerational Justice and Justice for All Creation                  173

       A Movement That Is Strong and Growing                                         176

       Experiences That Transform: Love in Action                                    178

  1. Conclusion: Love of God and Neighbor—               

       A Faithful Response to Climate Change                           181

       Creation and Justice: A Synthesis Based on Love                             185

       Discerning a Faithful Response                                                             186

       A Merciful, Just, and Proportional Response                                    187

       God’s Love at Work through Us                                                            189

       Suggested Reading List                                                      191

Sharon Delgado’s book, Love in a Time of Climate Change:  Honoring Creation, Establishing Justice, is a practical, faith-based approach to climate justice based on love of God and neighbor.  It will be released on July 15, 2017.  Find out more and read initial endorsements here.  Follow Sharon’s blog and “like” her Facebook Page.