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Global Hawk Drones

War is Not the Answer

Today I was arrested for peace with my dear friend Shirley Osgood at Beale Air Force Base, supported by several Veterans for Peace and other peacemakers.  Beale is home of Global Hawk surveillance drones, which identify targets in countries around the world for U.S. killer drones. Shirley and I walked… Read More »War is Not the Answer

Repenting for Drone Warfare

  Charges have been dropped against those of us who have been demonstrating against drone warfare at Beale Air Force Base.  I had been summoned to appear in federal court on March 8 with thirteen others for crossing onto Beale in an act of nonviolent resistance to US drone attacks. … Read More »Repenting for Drone Warfare

Letter to Beale Commander

December 14, 2015 Dear Colonel Douglas J. Lee: We are here today to demonstrate at Beale because of the links between the US military and the grave threat of climate change.  World leaders who met in Paris have reached a global climate agreement, but it fails to take account of… Read More »Letter to Beale Commander