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social transformation

5. The Anti-Imperial Wisdom of God

Fifth Post in a Blog Series on the Christian Right This series of posts on The Christian Right includes excerpts from my new book, The Cross in the Midst of Creation: Following Jesus, Engaging the Powers, Transforming the World. If you Contact me with the words “free chapter,” I will send you a… Read More »5. The Anti-Imperial Wisdom of God

Seasonal Thoughts on Climate Justice

Progressive Christian Social Action Seasonal Thoughts on Climate Justice This post was published as A Seasonal Reflection on Climate Justice in the Grass Valley Union on December 19, 2020. During this season, Christmas carols feature angels singing “peace on earth, goodwill to men” (meaning all) and choruses proclaiming, “Let heaven… Read More »Seasonal Thoughts on Climate Justice

Why Nonviolent Direct Action?

Progressive Christian Social Action Friends, I wrote this post and recorded it for Youtube as we were getting ready for a peaceful march on October 4th for racial equity, inclusion, and peace.  Although the march is over, I wrote this to share why I believe nonviolent direct action is important… Read More »Why Nonviolent Direct Action?