Progressive Christian Social Action

If you are drawn to Jesus but have a love/hate relationship with Christianity, you’ve come to the right place…

“Maybe you love Jesus, but you struggle to reconcile Christianity’s violent historical and contemporary expressions.  Maybe you reject doctrines that celebrate Jesus’s death as a predetermined form of divine punishment that he endured “for you.” To deal with these conflicts you may suspend disbelief, acknowledge or deny your discomfort, accept it as mystery, and make the best of it, because in Jesus you recognize the God of mercy and love. Or, you might have left the church altogether. Fortunately, this website offers other ways to understand the story of Jesus’s death and living presence, ways that are consistent with his life and teachings, relevant for today,  and true to the overall biblical message of the gracious, forgiving, liberating, nonviolent, transforming, unconditional love of God that Jesus both revealed and proclaimed.” Sharon Delgado —The Cross in the Midst of Creation

Sharon Delgado is an ordained United Methodist minister, author, and activist.  She preaches, speaks at conferences, leads workshops, and writes on environmental and climate justice, economic globalization, and peacemaking, while pointing toward faithful action for a transformed world.  Contact Sharon to request a free PDF chapter of her newest book, The Cross in the Midst of Creation, to invite her to speak, to sign up for a webinar or book study, or to order signed or bulk copies of her books.

Sharon’s new book, The Cross in the Midst of Creation: Following Jesus, Engaging the Powers, Transforming the World, asserts that the crucifixion is ongoing as institutional powers diminish human life and destroy creation, and that the resurrection is ongoing as faith overcomes despair and the Spirit equips people to follow Jesus in the struggle for a transformed world. This book challenges those who seek to follow Jesus to throw off despair and complacency, exposes disempowering and hate-filled teachings that claim to be Christian, and reclaims the gospel as a force for healing, empowerment, and both personal and social transformation. Sharon was featured on June 14, 2022 at a Multifaith Climate Cafe online Launch Day event. An article and video excerpts of the event are available here.

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Sharon’s other books include:

Shaking the Gates of Hell: Faith-Led Resistance to Corporate Globalization (Fortress Press, 2020) critiques the global economy and its effects from the perspective of an integrated theology of “the earth as primary revelation” and the institutional “powers and principalities” of this world.

Love in a Time of Climate Change:  Honoring Creation, Establishing Justice (Fortress Press 2017) is a progressive Christian approach to climate change that respects other faiths and philosophies and takes climate science seriously.  It explores the themes of love and justice in the context of climate change from the perspective of scripture, tradition, reason, and experience.

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