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Holy Days

My New Books Have Arrived!

  Hi Friends, My new books are finally here: 100 copies of The Cross in the Midst of Creation. The official launch day is June 14, but I ordered these from Fortress, and they were delivered early.  Hooray! Although I signed the contract for this book in May of 2020,… Read More »My New Books Have Arrived!

Seasonal Thoughts on Climate Justice

Progressive Christian Social Action Seasonal Thoughts on Climate Justice This post was published as A Seasonal Reflection on Climate Justice in the Grass Valley Union on December 19, 2020. During this season, Christmas carols feature angels singing “peace on earth, goodwill to men” (meaning all) and choruses proclaiming, “Let heaven… Read More »Seasonal Thoughts on Climate Justice

Lent and COVID 19

Progressive Christian Social Action Lent and Covid 19 This Lenten season is unlike any other I have lived through, with the threat of serious illness and death all around, businesses shuttered, people losing their jobs, the stock market crashing, social isolation, and responsibilities that people don’t know how they can… Read More »Lent and COVID 19

Lent: Going Deeper

Progressive Christian Social Action Lent:  Going Deeper This post was published at the beginning of Lent in 2017 as “A Lenten Call to Resist.”  It is the first post of a Lenten series that offers a progressive Christian understanding of Jesus’ life, death, and post-death appearances.   The links to the… Read More »Lent: Going Deeper