Blessings of Creation

pathWhat beautiful Spring-like days we’ve been experiencing here in Nevada County.  I love taking walks with Guari on the path along the canals near our home.

My life is so full–of people and things that I love, of challenges and opportunities for growth, of passion to share the good news that transformation is possible, for us as individuals and through us, for the world.  Through it all I remain confident and convinced that “God is for us,” which, according to Martin Luther, is the core of the gospel.

But God is not just “for us” as individuals.  The Spirit of Love who brought us into being is “for us” as the Earth Community, interrelated and interdependent in all its various parts.  We are all part of what Matthew Fox calls “the original blessing” of creation.

Along these lines, Thomas Berry said, “The earth is the primary revelation.”  He went on to issue a warning:    “The natural world tells us: I will feed you, I will clothe you, I will shelter you, I will heal you. Only do not so devour me or use me that you destroy my capacity to mediate the divine and the human. For I offer you a communion with the divine. I offer you gifts that you can exchange with each other. I offer you flowers whereby you may express your reverence for the divine and your love for each other. In the vastness of the sea, in the snow-covered mountains, in the rivers flowing through the valleys, in the serenity of the landscape, and in the foreboding of the great storms that sweep over the land, in all these experiences I offer you inspiration for your music, for your art, your dance.”

Sometimes, when my many commitments have taken over my consciousness, a walk along the path in the woods brings me back and reminds me who I am–a child of Earth, a child of Spirit, a follower of the Way of Jesus, a person among persons, a friend among friends, an integral part of the community of life.  May I live accordingly.

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