Climate Change: A Call for Truth and Conscience

Industry sows doubt

I am a part of the Nevada County Climate Change Coalition (NC-CCC), which has been working to educate the community and to take action on climate change for about three years.  We recently teamed up with the South Yuba River Citizens’ League and the Nevada Theatre Film series to show the new film, Merchants of Doubt, a documentary about the corporate-funded climate change denial machine, which sows doubt about climate science.  When Representative Doug LaMalfa publicly denied the reality of climate change at a recent town hall meeting, several people rose to the occasion and wrote letters challenging his position. This website from Oil Change International shows that fossil fuel contributions to LaMalfa are part of the problem.

The following open letter was written by my spouse and love, Guari.  In it he identifies the problem:  corporate funding of climate change denial, which influences public policy.  This is a call for truth and conscience on the part of our elected officials, written from the heart.


An Open Letter to Mr. Doug Lamalfa

August 27, 2015

Dear Sir

You have made public denials of human caused climate change and sown doubt among the people about the consensus among climate scientists while receiving money from industries and corporations who profit from the exploitation of fossil fuels which cause climate change.

I admit I feel frustrated, sad and a bit hopeless with your continued denials because I value the wellbeing of Earth, her creatures and humanity.  It appears from your words and actions that you value money, position and power more than the wellbeing of this and future generations and that you choose personal gain over truth and wellbeing of others.

I request you reflect more deeply on what it means to be a representative of the people and open the doors of your mind and office and listen to what people are saying. Listen not just to friends and colleagues but those who come to you from outside your circle with greater concerns than just themselves.   Listen and act ethically and morally to implement the vision and hope of all the people in your district.


Guarionex Delgado


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Hiroshima Day


I can’t let this Hiroshima Day go by without memorializing the people killed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and acknowledging the shadow that atomic (and now hydrogen) bombs have cast and continue to cast over our nation and world.   I plan to stand with others down on the Broad Street Bridge in Nevada City this evening, holding my hand-made sign that says “Hiroshima, 70 years, Never Again.”

My children remember many Hiroshima Day candlelight walks from Pioneer Park and vigils on the Broad Street Bridge while they were growing up.  I first became motivated as an activist in the late 1970s, when I became aware of the very real threat that nuclear war posed to my children.   I wrote about an awakening that motivated me to action in Shaking the Gates of Hell, in the chapter on “The Iron Fist:  Enforcing Corporate Globalization:”

“I began my career as an activist in 1979 when I realized the extent of the danger of nuclear war and became involved with the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign.  One morning I was at home by myself, cleaning house while I listened to a tape of Helen Caldecott talking about the psychological effects of nuclear war on the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, known as hibakusha.  Listening to the stories about what these people had suffered over the years, I imagined my own family going through what they had gone through and I began to weep.

“Suddenly, I was struck with the thought: How must God feel about all this?  How must God feel about what we human beings have done to each other, and about what we intend to do, as we stockpile nuclear weapons?  I fell to my knees, praying for forgiveness, overcome with a sense of the depth of pain that God must bear because of the horrors we human beings create for each other.  To this day, I believe that God weeps for the harm we do to each other.”

My prayer today is this:

Thank you, God, for this day, for the beauty of the earth, for the “yes” of life in the midst of the systems of anti-life, which have taken your world captive and are in process of “undoing creation.”  May we never give up on the future.  May we never hide or run away from the pain of life, except in your presence and your peace.  Protect us from denial, that friend of avoidance and enemy of truth, which pretends to shield us from fear, communal guilt, and that tug of responsibility for the world.  May the strong heart of Jesus, who wept over Jerusalem, fill us with courage to feel and respond to the suffering of our time.  Fill us with your Spirit, that the winds of truth may blow and the flames of love may burn to bring about a great awakening of people of every faith and philosophical tradition, coming together as one, each doing our part to create the new world that is possible.  For you, O God of many names, are the Great Mystery, Ground of Being, Source of life and love, in whom we live and move and have our being.  Surely your will is abundant life, even in the face of death.  Your will is the reign of mercy and compassion in this world.

Good Friday, Nevada Test Site, early 1980s

Good Friday, Nevada Test Site, early 1980s

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