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Simple Living

This is for posts related to simple living.

Writer’s Retreat

I’m here at my favorite Santa Cruz coffee shop, at the end of five days of work and play.  I’ve been traveling by Amtrak (bus, train, bus) to my varied destinations, writing as I go. My first stop was Berkeley, where I spent most of the day in the Graduate… Read More »Writer’s Retreat

The Joy of Living

This is my third day of recuperation from knee surgery—miniscus repair.  I’m resting and reading, getting good care from Guari, making my way around on a walker. This “time off” couldn’t have come at a better time.  These past months I’ve been going through a transformative period in my life,… Read More »The Joy of Living


I’ve been doing a lot of clearing lately:  clearing out the “granny cabin” and fixing it up for a friend, clearing out boxes of stored items, sorting closets and cabinets, clearing out extraneous “stuff” from our house and yard, throwing out junk and giving things away.  At the same time… Read More »Clearing

Resistance and Contemplation

Contemplative prayer is the practice that grounds my personal relationships and my work.  This grounding in prayer is a means through which the Holy Spirit, when I am open, equips me with clarity, compassion, and courage to resist the Powers that would destroy and diminish life.  As Karl Barth said,… Read More »Resistance and Contemplation

Voice of God, Voice of the Earth

Yesterday I played on the trampoline with two of my little granddaughters.  We laughed so much.  We spent part of the time lying on our backs watching the little cedar helicopter seeds spin slowly down on us as the wind blew. Fall is arriving.  Today is the Autumn Equinox.  And… Read More »Voice of God, Voice of the Earth