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Resistance for the Long Haul

Progressive Christian Social Action   Resistance for the Long Haul In this new year, I have been hearing people talk about how bad 2017 was (politically), and hoping that 2018 will be better. Many people who have not been active before have worked hard last year to resist the Trump… Read More »Resistance for the Long Haul

Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Update, June 13:   Fast Track was defeated in the House of Representatives… for now.  We can do this if we are in the struggle for the long haul.  Success! My dear friends, If you ever plan to participate in decisions made by so-called “leaders” on your behalf, today is… Read More »Awakening a Sleeping Giant

Global Divestment Day: Undermining the System that Causes Climate Change

Check out the many divestment actions that are taking place around the world today–Global Divestment Day. The movement to divest from fossil fuels undermines the system that is causing climate change.   The worldwide system of unrestrained free-market capitalism, dominated by global corporations and fueled by money, is based on the… Read More »Global Divestment Day: Undermining the System that Causes Climate Change

Fast Track to Hell

Last week a bill was introduced in Congress that would give Fast Track Authority to the Obama Administration in order to grease the wheels to passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP), a monstrous trade agreement that twelve Pacific Rim nations, including the United States, have been negotiating secretly for four… Read More »Fast Track to Hell

A Corporate Coup

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is meeting this week in Bali, Indonesia, where anti-WTO demonstrators have taken over the streets.  On Tuesday, the first day of the talks, demonstrations were held around the world to mark the Global Day of Action Against Toxic Trade Agreements. A particular focus for protestors… Read More »A Corporate Coup