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contemplative prayer

Embracing Spaciousness

This is a reposting of a blog posting titled “Easter Renewal” from last year.  It feels timely in my life right now.     When I look at the major problems in our world–climate change, predatory capitalism, war, injustice of every kind–or even the small problems of family and friends,… Read More »Embracing Spaciousness

The Silence of God

I believe that the great challenges of our time require deep inner work as well as courageous outer action.  If we stay on the surface of things, it feels natural to act in ways that are approved by the dominant culture.  Contemplative prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices can help… Read More »The Silence of God

Resistance and Contemplation

Contemplative prayer is the practice that grounds my personal relationships and my work.  This grounding in prayer is a means through which the Holy Spirit, when I am open, equips me with clarity, compassion, and courage to resist the Powers that would destroy and diminish life.  As Karl Barth said,… Read More »Resistance and Contemplation