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Beale 9

In Court for Anti-Drone Action

I appeared in federal court again yesterday for engaging in civil disobedience with four others during an anti-drone action at Beale Air Force Base last October.  This time we were in court  facing Judge Katherine K. Delaney in order to set a new trial date.  This is no small effort, since so… Read More »In Court for Anti-Drone Action

Speaking Peace on Palm/Passion Sunday

[youtube=] This blog post is taken from the speech that Sharon gave at a Tour de Peace event with Cindy Sheehan in Nevada City, California, on Palm/Passion Sunday, March 24, 2013. Hi friends.  It’s good to be here with all of you.  I’m so glad to be part of a… Read More »Speaking Peace on Palm/Passion Sunday

Why I Crossed the Line at Beale

At church the other day, someone asked me about my upcoming trial, and she ended up putting me on the church’s prayer chain.  I love my church.  People are praying for me, even those who have no idea why I would cross the line onto federal property at Beale Air… Read More »Why I Crossed the Line at Beale

Drones and Space Warfare

People who are concerned about the increasing use of unmanned drones by the United States point to the immorality of killing people without due process, the loss of innocent life, and the illegality of targeted assassinations.  I raise an additional concern:  the use of drones as an integral part of… Read More »Drones and Space Warfare

Today’s Arraignment

The courtroom was filled with supporters today as nine people faced arraignment in U.S. District in Sacramento for trespassing onto federal property at Beale Air Force Base last October  while protesting U.S. drone warfare.  Charges were dropped against four of the defendants:  Fr. Louie Vitale, MacGregor Eddy, Barry Binks, and… Read More »Today’s Arraignment