Support the Beale Anti-Drone Defendants

Support demonstration at the federal courthouse in Sacramento.

Demonstration at the Federal courthouse in Sacramento.

So many people have expressed concern about the upcoming trial related to my civil disobedience action at Beale last October, and have wondered what they can do to show support.  I appreciate the concern, as do my four fellow defendants.  And yes, there are a few actions I can think of that  supporters can take to further our cause.

First, you can join us on the day of the trial, August 12, at the federal courthouse at 501 I Street in Sacramento at 8:30 a.m.  Bring signs and banners or just yourselves.  The Sacramento Bee has given good coverage to this case, and your presence will help to get the word out that there is popular support for an end to U.S. drone attacks and for policies based on diplomacy, peace building, humanitarian concern, and respect for international law.

Second, sign this petition to tell President Barack Obama that we need transparency and accountability for the U.S. drone program.  Better yet, call his office and leave him the same message, or demand an end to drone attacks, at (202) 456-1111.

Third, consider making a donation to a fund to benefit victims of drone attacks through the CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan and Medical Aid for Drone Survivors Fund.  No amount of money can compensate for a lost limb or a lost loved one, but it can be a symbolic gesture of apology for our government’s actions and of goodwill toward the people.

Finally, pray for us and for all the people who are taking action to stop drone warfare, for the victims of U.S. drone attacks, and for a conversion to peace.  Prayer and action go together in this struggle, because we are up against powerful forces that have institutionalized domination, violence, and war as ongoing public policy.

Thank you all for your words of concern, support, and encouragement.  Whatever the outcome of our trial, I pray that in some small way, with your support, this will be part of a great turning of public opinion against drone warfare and for the harder work of creating a peaceful future.

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