Progressive Christian Social Action

Following Jesus into the heart of the struggle for a transformed world.

The Reverend Sharon Delgado is a United Methodist minister, author, speaker, and activist.  She preaches, speaks, leads workshops, and writes on globalization, climate change, economic and environmental justice, and peacemaking, while pointing toward hope and action for a transformed world.

Her new book has now been released:  Love in a Time of Climate Change:  Honoring Creation, Establishing Justice,  a progressive Christian approach to climate change that respects other faiths and philosophies and takes climate science seriously.   Order through a local bookstore, Fortress Press, or online retailers such as  Bulk orders and signed copies may be ordered by contacting Sharon here.

Love in a Time of Climate Change has been endorsed by theologians, activists, and scientists, including founder Bill McKibben, climate scientist Michael Mann, theologian Catherine Keller, Interfaith Power and Light founder the Rev. Sally Bingham, and many others.  Find out more and see initial endorsements here.

Here is Yale Climate Connections 90 second audio piece about Love in a Time of Climate Change

Here are more in-depth reviews:

Review by Mark Davies at the Reading Religion journal of the American Academy of Religion

Review  by Teresa Langness at the Englewood Review of Books

Review by Michelle Walsh at the Women’s Caucus of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature.

Review in Sojourners Magazine (paid access only for full article).

See other reviews at


11 thoughts on “Progressive Christian Social Action

  1. Dear Reverend Delgado,

    I am excited reading this and my sincere Prayers for you is for the Lord God Almighty to continue spreading the message of hope in the wake of climate change through your Ministry.


  2. Dear Sharon Delgado.

    I just made the following comment to your article published in Tikkun.

    There is no such thing as “exceptionalism” when it comes to the scourge of nuclear weapons, and no single nation on earth has any right to claim it.

    The NPT treaty’s Article 6 stipulates the ultimate destruction of ALL nuclear weapons and that has to start NOW with the Club of Five nations initiating it in tandem with Israel, Pakistan, India, and North Korea.

    A highly disciplined, well funded, global movement needs trigger this phenomenon from the bottom up.


  3. Hi, Sharon, was interested in reading your entry on Goodbooks, as I share many of your same interests. I am a retired clergyperson in the Anglican Church of Canada. I write fiction and am looking at doing more nonfiction. Hope to get more in touch with like-minded folk out there, so here I am. Very interesting books you are reading.

    Best wishes on your reading and writing.

    Kathleen Schmitt

  4. Sharon, thank you for the Bible Study in the July-August issue of response Magazine, and your article in out Climate Justice Mission study.j

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