Climate Change and Faithful Banking

By Sharon Delgado This year the World Council of Churches put forth the initiative, “Climate-Responsible Finance: A Moral Imperative towards Children,” which links the deadly impacts of climate change on the world’s children with the strategy of engagement with banks that are invested in fossil fuels. At the launch of this initiative in May 2022, UN […]

Light in the Darkness of Climate Change

Sermon preached on August 16, 2021 at Nevada City United Methodist Church (sermon begins 30.44 minutes in) Humanity is facing a code red alert because of how much and how fast the planet is heating up, and most of the warming is unequivocally the result of human greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the message from the […]

Resisting Banks that Fund Climate Change

Progressive Christian Social Action   Resisting Banks that Fund Climate Change Re-posted here on United Methodist Insight e-magazine. On September 25, 2019, during the week of the Global Climate Strike, I participated in an action in San Francisco that focused on big banks, in solidarity with the millions of children, young people, and their allies […]

Climate Change-What Love Requires

Progressive Christian Social Action Climate Change-What Love Requires This post is an excerpt from Love in a Time of Climate Change, published at the Evangelicals for Social Action website. It was love that brought me to this jail cell. – Sandra Steingraber When my granddaughter Nikayla was ten years old, climate change became real to her. […]

Christian Responsibility for Climate Change

Progressive Christian Social Action Christian Responsibility for Climate Change “How can modern Christianity have so solemnly folded its hands while so much of the work of God was being destroyed?”                                                              Wendell Berry As Hurricane Harvey devastates communities in Texas, catastrophic rains are also paralyzing cities in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, causing many deaths. […]